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Don't Cry Baby!

Karla , Leticia Miller
Duration 59 minutes
Quality HD
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Apr 05, 2017
Price $ 7.00


Leticia Miller was completely irritated, she really DEMEANED her slave Karla, she makes her cry, because she was sitting on her all the time, preventing the normal supply of oxygen to her brain, Karla gets more and more dizzy, it took one hour of real facessiting. Leticia remove the air of Karla in several ways, this is with no doubt the best real facessiting film ever seen, Karla suffered a lot, she supports more than 10 types of head scissor holds, Leticia Miller uses her long legs to DEMEAN her, She seating on Karla’s face several times, and she still makes Karla to lick her anus. It is Remarkable! Extraordinary!

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