Cruel Facesitting and Smoking Domination

Carina Garane , Melissa Ramos
Duration 30 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Mar 16, 2013
Price $ 15.99


Carina Garane giving for us a real facesitting lesson! She'll use some of her tecniques to STIFLE her slave Melissa Ramos. Carina arrives and Melissa is lying on the bed, Carina start preparing the obedient girl to the STIFLE session. First Carina uses handcuff to immobilize Melissa, holding Melissa's hands in the feet, now Carina keeps Melissa's hands far the face. Carina uses her hands, butt and a cigar besides other things to STIFLES Melissa very hard that until Melissa loses her conscience and was waked up with slaps on face. This was a very intense STIFLE session real. Check out!

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