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Barbie's Agressive Facesitting

Carol Castro , Lu
Duration 30 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Jun 14, 2013
Price $ 18.99


Yes, as you we was surprised too, we also don't believe at the start. How someone with a little face so angelic can hide the true meaning of cruelty? we are happy to introduce for our dear customers Barbie, but do not be fooled by the delicate name, this perverted blonde has nothing of delicacy when it comes to punishment. With a perfect body she sits and STIFLES her best friend, or best... her ex-classmate. which eventually betraying Barbie trying to have an affair with her ??boyfriend that now only thinks in a cruel revenge. Barbie decides to punish Lu rubbing her beautiful pussy in Lu's nose that is groaning desperate in a search of a little space to breathe. Barbie does not want to stop, not before to see Lu's face covered with her orgasm and for that, she will use all her cruelty and coldness, MAKING Lu to stay completely motionless under her perfect ass.

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