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Spitting as punishment

Emily , Lara , Nana Volgue , Milly , Clarissa
Duration 31 minutes
Quality HD
Category Spit
Date Feb 29, 2024
Price $ 14.99


Bored with not going to a party in town, the girls are warned that an unwanted friend is on her way to their house. The visitor is rude, likes to get into trouble with everyone and has a domineering manner, liking to spit on people to make them feel submissive. Disgusted by the situation, as soon as the visitor arrives, the girls go after her to make amends, complaining about what she's done and that she'll be punished so that she never does what she does to people again. She's spat on by all four girls relentlessly, but they also use her saliva-lubricated face to smother the visitor by sitting on her wet pussy until she runs out of air.

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