Love and lift!

Chris , Latifa
Duration 60 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Lift Carry
Date Apr 29, 2020
Price $ 13.99


Latifa and Chris start this video in a very hot climate! They exchange kisses and caresses, naked in bed, rubbing and sucking each other's pussy and breasts. Soon they have an incredible idea to improve the climate even more, and decide that it's time for lift & carry! Latifa is the smallest, so she is challenged to carry Chris, and she does it very well. On her back, on the lap, on the shoulders and even in the horse position, the brunette walks with her beloved around the room, lifting and carrying her weight, supporting everything without complaining and enjoying the moment. It's almost an hour of Latifa and Chris between love and lift & carry, and that's spectacular! Delicious!

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