Sis beats bro

Lizandra , Luca Medeiros
Duration 60 minutes
Quality HD
Category Female Fight
Date Mar 29, 2020
Price $ 13.99


Lizandra is working out, when her brother Luca comes home wanting to mistreat her. Unfortunately for the man, Lizandra is very strong and prepared, and when the two of them begin the physical fight, she readily dominates him! The girl rolls on the floor with her brother, applying leg, arm, neck wrenches and all the blows she can to hurt him and make him give up, and Luca suffers with so much pain and so much demeaning. He's being beaten up by a girl! Lizandra's kicks, slaps, punches and all blows are fierce, and the girl makes a point of showing her brother who's boss there, so he never messes with her again. Luca repented bitterly, as he can barely defend himself! So much pain!

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