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triple exchange of ass licks

Julia , Latifa , Iris
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Asslicking
Date Aug 26, 2023
Price $ 14.99


Iris and Julia wait for their friend Latifa to return from the gym. After much waiting and excitement on the part of the 2, finally she shows up at home, tired and very sweaty from exercising. Very hot and wet, Latifa asks her friends if they mind being naked. The friends take the opportunity to imagine erotic scenes with Latifa's striptease and ask if they can touch her sweaty body. Latifa says that she did several bicycle exercises at the gym and that her ass was very wet. The 2 friends decide to get closer and check it out and then the seduction becomes inevitable with a lot of ass licking between the 3 friends.

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Irma Grese

Sep 01, 2023

Where are the slow and sloppy asslicks? I see too much tonguefucks lately.

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