Playing with Balloons

Lola Mello , Monaliza
Duration 31 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Balloons
Date Apr 18, 2014
Price $ 15.99


Other movie that you'll like...In this funny movie, Monaliza did a colorful surprise for her friend Lola Mello, she decorates the bedroom with big and colorful balloons... She knows that Lola loves balloons and now, the girls can spend some time playing with they. Monaliza and Lola starts inflating some balloons, seeing how is beautiful the texture and the smell of these balloons, stretching, sucking and passing by their bodies... they are really enjoying. Now they start to scratch using the nails, popping the beautiful ballons in a big explosion of pleasure. To the end, they pick up the biggest yellow ballon that is suspended on the bed, covering of kisses until to burst.

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