Truth or dare?

Latifa , Outro
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Asslicking
Date Dec 08, 2018
Price $ 11.99


These 4 high school friends are spending the afternoon together on one of them’s house. Her parents and brother are not home, so the girls are free to feel comfortable and do whatever they want. The house owner suggests playing truth or dare in a whole different way: every time the bottle turns into some of them’s side, they have to show a part of their bodies. The blonde one is very shy, but the others are very excited and make her enjoy too. As the game goes on, the girls get naked and start to make the challenges a lit bit hotter. They get really horny and can’t hold their desires. The game ends and another one starts: they take turns on licking each other's asses and pussies, while kissing each other’s delicious mouths. What an amazing afternoon, huh? Wish I could be there too... And you?

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