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Sisters and their asses

Larissa Grape , Ariella
Duration 33 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Asslicking
Date Mar 07, 2020
Price $ 18.99


Larissa goes to Ariella's bedroom with an intense desire: to suck her sister's ass, as deep as she can. Ariella soon complies with the request, and lets Larissa stick her face in her ass, smelling her panties. Of course, right after that she gets completely naked, allowing full access to her asshole, and Larissa delights herself. Sucking, licking, sniffing and everything she’s entitled to, creating mutual pleasure. Of course, Ariella also sucks her sister's ass, opening it as wide as she can to stick her tongue in as deep as possible. With these delicious asses, it's impossible not to feel horny and want to lick them until you fill them with saliva, huh?

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Mar 20, 2020

This is fantastic and amazing and I hope to see these two together many times again. A bit of spitting and ass sucking would have made it even better.

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