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Freshly shaved ass

Ariella , Larissa Grape
Duration 36 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Asslicking
Date Nov 02, 2019
Price $ 18.99


These sisters are ready to go to the beach together, but first they decide to show each other their freshly shaved asses! First, Larissa opens her ass and exposes her smooth hole, and Ariella doesn't resist, so she sticks her tongue as deep as she can. Licking and sucking, the girl delights in her sister's ass. Immediately after, it is Ariella's turn to open her asshole and Larissa to stick her tongue in it, thrusting and filling the hole with saliva. These two have fun with sucking, and masturbate the pussies of the other while doing their performances with the tongue, doubling the amount of pleasure felt at the moment. A delicious play between sisters, huh?

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Mar 20, 2020

This was fantastic please do more with ariella and larissa together


Nov 07, 2019

Ariella girl is your best talent and you have wasted her here. Bad job. Bring her back but do better


Nov 04, 2019

This movie was really BAD. Sorry....new cameran or something? Same sex-positions in 30-35 minutes and same camera-position in 35 minutes?????? No talking from the girls, and i couldnt see their assholes??? No facesitting?/69, no sitting on chairs? No missionary position...nothing??I´m not satisfied at all with this move. really really really really baaaad!


Oct 29, 2019

where is the asshole?? show the girls asshole wide and wet!!!!!


Oct 27, 2019

She was not as turned on by this women as the other women. It was obvious she did not enjoy the taste of this woman's ass.

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