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First Perfect Chimeny Ass Worship

Chimeny , Mel
Duration 32 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Asslicking
Date Aug 23, 2015
Price $ 15.99


Chimeny can resume the brazilian girl, brunette and with a big and rounded butt. Today she will have for her first time a submissive slave, ready for to do what she deserves. The brunette heard rumours about Mel and what her tongue is able to do. The goddess decided to experiment, she calls to Mel for her first ass worship. She is wearing a little skirt and Mel starts just smelling her ass by the clothes, MAKING the nose between Chimeny's buttocks to feel her ass smell. The goddess orders to Mel up the skirt and lick her tight pantie before to start the ass licking. Mel is doing her work very well as ever and we can see Chimeny's pussy very wet. The goddess keeps dominating Mel, putting the slave to suck her tits and pussy, licking inside her asshole very deep. To the end, Chimeny sits on Mel's tongue and shake the butt for a delicious orgasm.

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