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Kate , Josie
Duration 29 minutes
Quality HD
Category Asslicking
Date Sep 08, 2018
Price $ 11.99


Josie won an award from the queen, she is imposed to suck on her delicious ass, do not miss the Queen's four Katia has her ass sucked all the slave Josie.Katia is resting on her bedroom when suddenly she wakes up with Josie licking her asshole. She doesn’t even ask about what is going on, she just grabs Josie by her blonde hair and presses her neck against her own asshole, moaning with pleasure. Josie can barely breathe right now, but she doesn’t intend to go anywhere for a long time. She uses her tongue skills to suck and lick that amazing ass with a lot of will. You can tell that Katia is really loving that asslicking session! Come to watch her cum with Josie’s tongue placed inside her pink asshole.

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Dec 06, 2018

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