Asslicking my delicious dome

Priscila , Lola Mello
Duration 35 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Asslicking
Date Dec 29, 2018
Price $ 15.99


Priscila is tidying up her mistress's bedroom very well, so she can have a good reward for it. As Lola, the mistress, ends her shower and comes to the bedroom really horny, she asks for her maid to stare at how hot she is (and she is, indeed) and asks if her maid wants her. This naughty servitor says she wants to lick Lola all over and, as a gift to her obedient maid, Lola lets her suck her amazing nipples, coming down to the belly and then her feet, before licking her pink pussy. Priscila also wins the chance to lick her mistress’s ass and as a result of her amazing job, Lola starts moaning deliciously. She rubs it on the maid’s face and jumps on her while Priscila slips her tongue inside Lola’s ass. Liking it and discovering her maid is a really good licker, Lola goes crazy, enjoying their time together so much that she even ends up having to take another shower.

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Dec 12, 2018

It's an older scene, it's in full hd, not 4K (look at the right of title).


Dec 07, 2018

Is Lola back or is this an older scene? I notice Lola does not have any tattoos in the scene.


Dec 07, 2018

Hoping to see a return of Lola

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