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Ana's new ass slave

Bianca , Ana Julia , Mel
Duration 30 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Asslicking
Date Dec 20, 2014
Price $ 18.99


Ana has a new slave to serve her desires so,the goddess decided to test the new slave to see how good she is. Bianca is not ready to serve Ana yet, first the goddess wants to see her job and for this, Ana will use her other slave. Ana asks to Bianca remove the clothes to see her body, is good, Bianca is a hot slave, but beauty is not enough, she wants to do a great job in Mel. The queen asks to Bianca sucks Mel's breasts, she is doing a great job but Ana wants more and asks to Bianca for an oral sex in Mel... Bianca is doing an excellent job and the queen decided that she is ready to serve, she needs little correction but Mel is there to teach the new slave. The two slaves starts to suck Ana's breasts that is with a special attention for Bianca. She is good in the breasts, let's see in pussy. Ohh, Bianca has a delicious mouth, getting Ana's pussy very wet... she is ready for the ass! Now Ana Julia puts Bianca to watch while Mel is sucking her asshole, Mel knows the way that her queen loves and Bianca is pay much attention, she is the next. Ana requires Bianca on her ass, the slave learned so fast, she sucks Ana's ass with much love that Ana accepts her job, now she is her slave. To the end, Ana puts Bianca to watch again while Mel will make Ana to have an orgasm.

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