Stifling the heiress

Isabel , Chris Castelary
Duration 32 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Armpits
Date Feb 03, 2019
Price $ 15.99


After a good shower, Chris is getting ready for her big day and caressing her own armpits, kissing and smelling it, making sure they’re ready for what comes next. The heiress of the fortune that she will steal is tied up and all covered in scotch tape, ready to be tormented. She stifles the girl with her own hands and obligates her to lick her nipples and armpits, but this is just the beginning. She throws the heiress on the bed and it’s time for the show: she prepares her armpits to stifle the girl until she can’t handle it anymore. The heiress suffers and tries to fight back, but she’s already too weak and tied up, so she just accepts the fact that she will die smelling and having her nose smashed by Chris’ axils. Chris enjoys so much the torment session that she laughs all the time and even masturbates herself. Do you think the heiress will survive it? Or Chris will really steal the fortune? Find out and enjoy seeing this Chris’ scented and beautiful axils!

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