Give me your inheritance!

Chris Castelary , Mel
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Armpits
Date Jun 22, 2019
Price $ 15.99


Mel is Chris's prisoner, and she's been starving and thirsty for days! As a cruel domme, Chris imposed the girl to sign papers passing the inheritance to her, so that Chris gets very rich! Desperate for water and food, Mel accepts the condition, but what she doesn’t know is that after signing, everything will get worse. The brunette makes the heiress suck on her pussy and breasts, eat a dirty hotdog, lick her armpits a bunch of times and have her face completely covered by Chris' huge ass while stifling her. As expected, the heiress's life comes to an end because of the bad treatment, and the domme ends up rich, satisfied and increasingly cruel!

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