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There is a guy inside my asshole

Lala , Nicole
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Farting
Date Aug 17, 2022
Price $ 15.99


Lala and Nicole just got home after a long night working in the club, Lana decided to talk to Nicole about the little guy she found on the club floor, a very tiny guy. She decided to put the guy inside her asshole once she had no pocket. Nicole can not belive but Lala showed the guy to him, he is totally scared and asking for help, but Lala puts him inside again and say to nicole that loves when she farts with him inside, because he start to move himself wtihout stopping and she gets pleasure. Nicole at first say to Lala let him free, but after a little talk Lala convice Nicole to try and she accepts. After that, both girls start to put the guy inside the asshole and farting a lot.

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