Spitted and stifled

Babi Ventura , Tay , Jaqueline
Duration 32 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Facesitting F/F
Date May 24, 2020
Price $ 15.99


Jaque is tied to a chair, complaining about seeing the two dommes kissing. Tay and Babi then decide to make her more disgusted, and start spitting in her face, while slapping her. The girls also smoke and throw it in her face to pollute her lungs, but the worst comes next: the dommes make Jaque lie down and sit on top of her, both together, making the little girl almost disappear. This facesitting is very hard, as Tay and Babi are very cruel and make a point of crushing Jaque's face and body under their asses for long seconds, leaving her completely breathless. They still impose Jaque to lick their pussies and rub themselves on her until they cum, causing even more shortness of breath. Poor her!

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