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White butt on your face

Categories: Facesitting F/F Cast: Iohana Alvez | Leticia Miller Time: 31 Minutes Price: $ 11.99 Pack with: 1 Clips Description Movie

Leticia appears wearing Iohana's favorite boots, without asking her permission. Of course, Iohana goes crazy with jealousy, and when Leticia refuses to take them off, an ugly fight begins. Unfortunately for the brunette, the white girl takes control and kisses her forcibly, and rubs her pussy on the face of the owner of the boots. Iohana hates it all and gets very disgusted, what further encourages Leticia to be cruel and to make her suck her pussy while being stifled. Iohana stays under her buttocks for a long time and when she has little and quick chance of leaving, she breathes as deep as she can, desperate for air. Looks like she lost her boots, and her oxygen!

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