Trick or treat revenge

Jaqueline , Fernanda Cappelari
Duration 33 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Lift Carry
Date Oct 22, 2019
Price $ 15.99


Fernanda is relaxing when Jaque knocks on her door saying… Trick or Treat? Fernanda ignores and closes the door, but Jaque keeps knocking, which makes the brunette lose her temper. Fernanda pulls Jaque in and decides to make her a prank, becoming her mistress now! Trying to cause exhaustion to the girl so that she stops this useless Halloween joke, Fernanda climbs on her lap, imposing her to carry the domme across the room. Jaque tries to complain and shows her tiredness, but that only encourages the brunette to think of more positions for the lift & carry, making Jaque carry her on her shoulders, back and like a little horse. All the girl wanted was a candy, but she ended up getting a severe and very heavy punishment!

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