Trampling the cheater

Brunno , Raul
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Trample
Date Jan 01, 2019
Price $ 11.99


Brunno gets home and finds her boyfriend Raul in bed with another guy. Blind by the fury he was feeling, he fights with the mysterious lover and expells him. When the couple is finally alone, another big fight starts because of all the cheating and Brunno is still so mad that he can’t help by throw his partner on the floor and starts slapping him. He discounts everything he’s feeling on trampling all over Raul’s body, stepping deeply on his chest and back. Raul begs for him to stop and cries in pain, but the Brunno only makes it worse, obligating the cheater to lick his shoe and slipping it through his asshole. To make it even tougher, Brunno jumps on Raul’s belly for a few times, making him feel a pain he won’t ever forget. Cheaters have to be mistreated, right? Hell yes!

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