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The biggest loser

Categories: Scissorhold Cast: Diana | Rebecca Santos | Isa Blue | Saori Kido Time: 61 Minutes Price: $ 18.99 Pack with: 1 Clips Description Movie

Feeling confident from her 1st victory, defeating a male, slave Diana requests of her mistress, Isa Blue to put her into a training wrestling tournament with new girl Saori to show her mistress how well she has learned to wrestle. Isa Blue agrees and enters her into a 3-slave wrestling tournament but doesn’t think Diana is telling the truth that she defeated a male wrestling. She knows slave Diana has never beaten anyone wrestling—even the weakest of other slaves, much less a male. Isa Blue decides to destroy Diana by having club Champion Rebecca to participate so she can get a true measure of Diana’s claimed abilities since Saori is untested. The tournament begins club Champion against Saori Kido first. It is a one-sided scissor face sitting fest for Rebecca as she destroys Saori soundly. During the match Diana laughs and taunts Saori as she is MADE to suffer at the legs and ass of the skilled and powerful Rebecca. Diana threatens Saori while Rebecca's ass is placed over Saori'a face that Diana will do the same to her when they wrestle. Even Rebecca is a bit annoyed because Diana is making fun of Saori more than she should. Next up Rebecca goes against a confident energized Diana. Diana gives her a contest for just a minute or so able to hold her off but unable to get a hold Rebecca. But then Rebecca takes over destroying Diana and some of her confidence. Scissors and face sits again give Rebecca the win and the match championship. Rebecca taunts Diana the whole time about her losing wanting to know why she thought Saori was such a pushover. Rebecca has won the tournament. Diana is arguing that even though the tournament is over, Diana insists on wrestling Saori (who isn’t wanting to because she doesn’t want to lose again). But Diana is very emotional and won’t stop until Isa allows the match to happen. The fight begins and the two girls are trying to hold the other in some scissors, but they are fighting in a equal level. Suddenly Saori start to be more and more energizing, taking the control of the fight and holding Diana into her legs and under her butt. Diana loses again and the 3 girls, Isa Blue, Rebecca and Saori Kido decided to have some fun with the loser.

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