Soft Belly

Ravana , Outro
Duration 21 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date Oct 06, 2019
Price $ 9.99


Ravana is a very cruel domme, and today she chose a beautiful blonde with a very soft belly and full of stretch marks to mistreat. The girl is already trapped in the sexual X, and Ravana uses her stick to lightly strike the girl while cursing her. The best part comes when Ravana uses her clenched fist and gathers all her strength to punch the girl's lower belly, which is really too soft, making her very red and swollen. The blows are sharp and furious, and eventually there’s some kneeling, but the slave doesn't complain, just moans with the excruciating pain she feels. It's demeaning and painful, but they are beautiful blows to be admired by belly punch lovers!

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