Smashed like fruits

Karla , Iohana Alvez
Duration 29 minutes
Quality HD
Category Trample
Date Jul 02, 2019
Price $ 11.99


Iohana is very hungry and Karla, her maid, appears bringing some fruit for her boss to eat, and saying she won’t make lunch because she is too lazy today. Iohana gets infuriated by the audacity of the maid and throws all the fruit on the floor, crushing them with her feet and threatening to do the same with Karla. The maid continues to refuse to do her job and Iohana doesn’t hesitate to throw her on the floor and use her new heels to step on the girl, crushing her skin and making a point of crushing some fruits on her, to leave the situation more disgusting and degrading. Karla's skin is all marked and dirty, and after this punishment she will never again make fun of her mistress.

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