Same stifling dress

Melissa , Mayra
Duration 33 minutes
Quality HD
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Sep 23, 2019
Price $ 11.99


Melissa is still lying down while Mayra is ready for the party they are going to and is wearing the same dress the blonde would wear. Mayra gets mad at this and they argue, but the brunette soon loses her temper and attacks Melissa. Pinning her between her legs, Mayra sits on the blonde's face with the dress, stifling her and preventing her breathing, causing utter despair. Soon after, she rubs the pussy and the huge ass on the girl's nose, covered by the fabric of her panties. To top it off, Mayra goes naked and Melissa's face disappears, covered by her large genital lips. Can you imagine how stifling and desperaing this must have been?

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