Resting under our feet

Tay , Victoria , Alessia
Duration 33 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Trample
Date Jan 13, 2020
Price $ 15.99


Tay and Victoria caught Alessia resting during her work hours! Oh, of course this won’t go unpunished... They will make the slave rest under their feet, just as she deserves. First, Alessia is imposed to massage them with her mouth, lick and suck the girl's feet, which are prepared for the best… Trample! While one has fun stepping, walking and jumping on top of Alessia's abdomen, the other doesn’t let the slave complain, sticking her foot in her mouth and preventing her speech. Both are too cruel, and have fun while crushing the girl. These two are not at all thin, so every step Alessia takes hurts a lot! It's too much weight and your organs get smashed!

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