Pantyhose play

Laila , Ravana
Duration 60 minutes
Quality HD
Category Female Fight
Date Oct 27, 2019
Price $ 13.99


Ravana and Laila are wearing really nice pantyhoses today, and they will play some games together to enjoy the afternoon. In the first of these, Ravana rubs her pussy on Laila's ass, riding her like a horse. Soon after, they exchange a few blows and kicks, and soon the brunette makes the blonde carry her on her shoulders and back, strolling over the bed while supporting her weight. They get back into the female fight, and mess around the room while trying to apply arm and leg wrenches to each other, but it all ends up in a huge pussy licking over their pantyhoses. It is a delight to watch 60 full minutes of these two hot babes rubbing bodies!

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