Painfull gym classes

Cristina , Sasha
Duration 22 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date Jul 14, 2019
Price $ 9.99


Sasha arrived for another gym class with Cristina, but she didn’t do any of the abdominal exercises that the teacher asked for and is completely out of shape! She tries to perform some crunches, but Cristina slaps her belly and shows that everything is wrong. Afterwards, she tries to practice a little fighting, but she can’t defend herself and ends up receiving many painful punches from her teacher. Not satisfied with her student’s pain and wanting to show her that she should try harder, Cristina also invests knees and kicks against Sasha's flabby belly, leaving her skin all red and the girl almost crying in pain due to the power of the blows. What a painful class!

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