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Our house, our rules

Categories: Facesitting F/F Cast: Priscila | Alana | Babi Ventura Time: 30 Minutes Price: $ 15.99 Pack with: 1 Clips Description Movie

Babi comes exhausted from the club and goes to bed, but for her surprise, Priscilla is there! The maid tries to say that Babi entered the wrong bedroom, but they fight and Alana hears the noise. When the brunette understands the situation, she takes her friend's side and they both choose to mistreat Priscilla so that she learns her true place. Babi is the most aggressive and the one who spends the most time sitting on the slave's face, making it impossible for any air particle to enter her airways. Babi also covers Priscila's nose and mouth with her hands and feet, and uses body oil to masturbate on the slave's face. Alana takes advantage of the evil moment to have fun too, and makes Priscila's face disappear under her huge ass. Wow!

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