Old and Dirty feet

Maria , Lu , Nadia
Duration 31 minutes
Quality HD
Category Foot Slave
Date Jun 04, 2019
Price $ 11.99


Lu is finally resting. Her day was exhausting and she cleaned the whole house of her mistresses, making sure that her work is done. As usual, Nadia and Maria arrive from the street with filthy feet and decide to dirty the whole house, just to irritate Lu and to blame her, saying that she didn’t do her job right. The maid feels unjust and tries to argue, but her evil bosses won’t allow it and will punish her: they wipe their feet with her mouth! Lu suffers, with those old dirty feet stuck in her mouth, rubbing against her face and bruising her as these two ladies impose her to lick and suck their soles to remove all the dirt. Injustice! Poor maid!

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