Nice foot care

Patricia Carter , Jaqueline
Duration 31 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Foot Slave
Date Jan 23, 2020
Price $ 15.99


Patricia is washing her feet in the pool, relaxing and taking good care of them. When she comes into the house, she decides it's time to have Jaque take care of them too. The slave's first task is to lick the soles of her soiled sandals, but soon after, Patricia already opts for the girl's tongue to travel directly through her feet, leaving them slightly damp. Jaque sucks the domme's fingers one by one, massaging them with her mouth, then licks the soles of her foot, pleasing the entire surface of her skin. Patricia attentively follows the slave's oral work and can relax in a way like never before. Looks like Jaque did a good job today!

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