Never insult my feet!

Luana Lee , Melissa Ramos
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Foot Stifling
Date Jan 07, 2020
Price $ 11.99


Luana is crazy behind her red nail polish and Melissa assumes she has used it. Annoyed by her friend for being so loose, the brunette fights with her, but Melissa disdains the situation and offends Luana's beautiful feet. So, of course the brunette will shut her up using her feet! First, Luana smothers her with her socks, but then it is the sole of her foot that covers the holes in Melissa's nose and doesn't allow her to breathe. In addition, the brunette imposes her foot against the blonde's face and hurts her, while preventing the air from passing. To cover her mouth and nose at the same time, Luana also dips her toes into Melissa's mouth while pinching her nose with her hands. The blonde certainly learns that she shouldn’t touch Luana's things anymore!

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