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Kissing on his plastic face

Categories: Facesitting F/M Cast: Grazy Domme | Jessica Chanel | Daniel Santiago Time: 33 Minutes Price: $ 15.99 Pack with: 1 Clips Description Movie

Daniel was not being a good boy to Grazy and Jessica Chanel. So his punishment was to be quiet. Although I don’t think that’s very hard because those girls wrapped him in plastic so he couldn’t move, talk or even sees very much. The only thing out was his nose. But this didn't make him breathe normally because the girls were about to have a making out session while facesitting him. This super hot girls sat on his body and kissed a lot while their hands started to explore each other bodies and the shirts were coming out very slowly and revealing some big and nice breasts ready to be sucked. And their butts were in Daniel’s face the entire time! Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to stay awake the whole time to watch this two bitches getting hornier at every second. Even with that, I’m sure that everyone would want to be under this amazing girls.

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escaramusa 2018-08-28 04:46:21 UTC

just perfect the pass out is real??