extreme Double trampling

Grazy , Jessica Chanel , Daniel Santiago
Duration 34 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Trample
Date Sep 03, 2018
Price $ 15.99


These two girls are hanging out on the couch when the doorbell rings. It’s a man wearing a suit that always shows up trying to sell some exclusive shoes. Both girls are not interested in that and get really angry with that annoying man. They grab him by the hair and put him laid down on the hard floor. He’s looking super confused but the girls already know what they want to do with him. A very extreme trampling session on the man begins. The girls are on fire and jump on his chest and belly, both at the same time, with no breaks at any second. They use their body weight to give the man a hard time. He’s feeling pain in his entire body and his skin looks very red with that aggressive trampling. The girls don’t seem to care about his screams and complains, they are too busy having fun trampling and trying some new moves, as both girls at the same time on his head! Come to watch this two girls having fun with the annoying guy!

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Sep 04, 2018

Beautiful feet lovely ladies.

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