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Double cruelty in the pool

Categories: Hands Stifling Cast: Chris | Lizandra | Diana | Karla Time: 31 Minutes Price: $ 11.99 Pack with: 1 Clips Description Movie

This video is divided into two parts, with two cruel domes cheating and mistreating their slaves! First, Diana arrives in the bathroom and thinks Chris is gone, so the girls thinks about enjoying her pool. When the domme arrives and notices the intentions of the slave, she throws her in the water and begins to drown her! Didn’t she want a pool? Then she will have it, bound by ropes and being suffocated by water! In the second part, Karla is swimming in her pool and Lizandra asks to join her. Karla says it’s okay, but with the evil in mind: when Lizandra puts her feet in the pool, Karla grabs her and drowns her too! As with Diana, Lizandra suffers a lot from the lack of air in her lungs, while she is stranded by ropes and mistreated by her dome!

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