Don’t make fun of my clothes!

Karla , Julia
Duration 16 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date May 26, 2019
Price $ 9.99


Karla is ready to go out with her favorite outfit. Her friend, when she arrives, sees the clothes and makes a lot of fun, saying that Karla is horrible and will never go out with her like this. Karla feels very offended and can’t contain herself, when she sees her friend's outgoing belly, she decides to give her a very painful lesson so she will never forget and disrespect her again. Several punches are invested against the brunette's stomach as she bends, feeling unbearable pain. The skin becomes very red and swollen, and Karla only cares to put more and more strength in the strokes she gives. I bet this friend will never mock Karla's clothes again!

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