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Confess or be stifled!

Categories: Hands Stifling Cast: Cindy Vegas | Ravana | Michele Time: 30 Minutes Price: $ 11.99 Pack with: 1 Clips Description Movie

Cindy and Ravana suspect that Michele is stealing their things, so they decide to torment her until she assumes the crime! They arrest Michele and tie the girl's hands up, throwing her into the tub with cold water. As much as the girl says she's not guilty of anything, Cindy and Ravana still want to mistreat her and this is what they do. They drown the girl in the tub and make her run out of air for too long, several times, holding her under the water until she can’t take it anymore. Michele gets desperate and tries to prove her innocence by screaming for mercy, but the girls are only focused on making her suffer and stay without air in her lungs for too long. Poor innocent girl!

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