Bold Cousin

Brunno , Raul
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Trample
Date Feb 26, 2019
Price $ 11.99


Brunno is getting crazy looking for his wallet full of money. He just can’t find it! His cousin Raul arrives and tells him he used all the money and also Brunno’s car to go out with his friends. How bold! Would you forgive it? Brunno didn’t. These two strong men got into a huge physical fight, messing all the room. As Brunno is stronger, he gets the control of the struggle and throws Raul on the floor, taking off his shirt and preparing to mark his skin with the sole of his new sneakers. Raul screams in pain and tries to fight back as he feels Brunno’s heavy steps on top of her huge body. To demean his cousin even more, Brunno also makes him lick his new black sneakers. That must’ve been awful for him!

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