Beating bums

Stella , Cindy , Mara
Duration 15 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date Jan 12, 2020
Price $ 9.99


Stella and Cindy find out that Mara is telling everyone that they steal their men at work, and these two brunettes can't accept being defamed like that. Together they wait for Mara and find the perfect way to take revenge: punching that flabby belly she has! Cindy has very strong arms and so she is the one who throws the biggest punches in sequence, as well as joining both hands and blasting blows at Mara's abdomen. The blonde falls to the ground, screams in pain and cries, but Stella holds her to prevent her from running away while Cindy continues with the absurdly strong hits. Oh, of course Stella also has a chance to discount her anger by punching her… Ouch!

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