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A gift for our slave

Categories: Foot Fetish Foot Slave Cast: Manu Fox | Hisak | Daniel Santiago Time: 30 Minutes Price: $ 15.99 Pack with: 1 Clips Description Movie

The couple, Manu and Daniel, comes back home after a long day. They go directly to their bedroom and find their slave, Hisak, exactly where and at the same position they left him. He’s an obedient slave, of course, with such good dommes as Manu and Daniel. For being so good, the couple has a gift for their slave: taking good care of their feet. They start asking him to lick their snickers until it’s all cleaned up and every time they think his tongue is dry, they give a huge spit on his mouth. The wetter his mouth is, the better he will clean the shoes. Continuing their particular gift, they decide to let him smell, lick and kiss their feet, making sure he gives a lot of attention to them and let them very wet too. He passes his tongue through their fingers and licks until their ankles, swallowing as much as he can from their feet while they rub it on his face. Oh, I wish I had a gift like that too!

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