The girl who knows-it-all

Julia , Raquel
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Limp Fetish
Date Mar 31, 2010
Price $ 11.99


Raquel placed an ad in the newspaper to sell a very traditional and expensive family painting. Julia, an appraiser, goes the girl’s house to see the product and buy it, but when she arrives, she offends the memory of Raquel's grandfather and says that the painting is fake! Raquel becomes possessed and a fight begins, but the owner of the painting soon loses her patience and strikes the shopper, causing her to faint deeply. In order to discount all her rage for the offenses, Raquel will take advantage of Julia's hot body to caress, rub and masturbate, suck her ass and satisfy herself in every way she can. In the end, the seller got benefited anyway!

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