I still want your body

Giovanna , Soraya
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Limp Fetish
Date Mar 31, 2010
Price $ 11.99


Soraya and Giovanna are fighting again, but this time Giovanna is determined to end the relationship. Soraya threatens to end her own life, but Giovanna doesn’t care about it and leave. The brunette takes lots of medicine and starts to lose her strength. Giovanna returns and witnesses the last seconds of her ex-girlfriend's life. Crying and regretful, the white girl realizes how much she still wants Soraya's body, and decides to give the brunette one last pleasure. Giovanna takes off their clothes and begins a delicious lesbian sex, entitled to all the most incredible movements and positions, rubbing pussies and passing the tongue in every corner of Soraya's body, delighting and having great pleasure! Poor Soraya...

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