I'll be with you forever

Carol Castro , Gaby Venturine
Duration 30 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Limp Fetish
Date Sep 16, 2013
Price $ 15.99


Carol Castro very late and Gaby decides to go for Carol's house to see what is happen, when Gaby arrives, she listen a shower's sound, but Carol is not there, Gaby decides to go to the bedroom and there is Carol. Gaby calls for Carol that is not responding, She comes closer of Carol and start to understand, Gaby can't believe that this is happen, was a shock for her. Gaby always had an interest in Carol and She knows that this is the last chance to have Carol's love just for her. Gaby is very affectionate with Carol Body, sucking, kissing and having pleasure.

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Mar 31, 2021

I'd like to see more of Gabby in this genre. A lot of potential here. Maybe, perhaps not have her do so many positions in a single scene?

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