Destroyed by 4 Feet

Mel , Michelle Nogueira , Natasha Cooper
Duration 25 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Trample
Date Oct 27, 2012
Price $ 15.99


Natasha Cooper and Michelle Nogueira arrive at home and see Mel resting... These two girls now are full of fury. The situation will not be so good for Mel, she need to learn a unforgettable lesson. The girls decide give a foot punishment for Mel. Mel is bound to worship these 4 great feet. But this is very easy for Mel, these cruel girls want more, so, they decide walk on her fragile body, this will hurt! But Natasha and Michelle are not concerned with this. The situation if very delicate for Mel, while the girls are fighting to try to maintain balance, Mel is trying to support this big pain.

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