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Licking Ketlyn's Smelly Feet

Ketlin , Mel
Duration 34 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Foot Slave
Date Feb 02, 2016
Price $ 15.99


The gorgeous Ketlin has a time free today, she decided to DEMEAN her devoted slave MAKING her feet that are very smelly. The slave go on knees to clean the dirty stilleto. Now Mel can feel the bad smell of her soles, that are going out of the high heels. Ketlin take off the shoes and rubs her stinky soles on Mel's face, MAKING to smell. Ketlin loves to play with her submissive slave, to Mel this is a gift for her good work. Ketlin gave the order to Mer lick her soles that was quickly answered. Ketlink keep there, reading magazines while the slave worship her delicous soles until she be satisfied.

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