Karina Peliccer's Full Weight Facesitting on the Piano

Karina Peliccer , Mel
Duration 36 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Dec 12, 2012
Price $ 15.99


Karina Peliccer is a super sexy goddess, she was blessed by the divines with a hot perfect body. She likes to see their slaves suffering a lot and today, she is very anxious to sit, STIFLE and fuck the face of her slave Mel. Mel knows that can't have any chance with Karina, so she just stays lying and trying to survive of this STIFLE session. Karina fuck her little head as a big cock, with hard moviments, rubbing her precious pussy on her face. All Karina's attention is turning to Mel's breath, she can't let Mel breathe any time while the pleasure is taking all her amazing body. Karina can't wait, the Mel's face is so hot and wet with the liquid of her pussy that she has a great orgasm on Mel's face.

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